Springtime with nesting and hungry chicks means we get a lot of birds visiting the backyard. Lorikeets and spotted doves are regulars but over the last few weeks we’ve seen: Cockatoo, a King Parrot, Currawongs, Pee Wees, Little Corellas, a Long-billed Corella, Galahs, an Eastern Spinebill, a Sacred Kingfisher, Noisy miners, Common miners, Fairy Wrens, Willie Wag Tails, Wattle birds and Crested Pigeons.

Spotted Dove

Cockatoo and Lorikeets

Sitting quietly has allowed us to be accepted by our feathered friends and allowed us to watch various behaviours both fascinating and shocking. We certainly didn’t expect to see a Currawong dive on a spotted dove killing it and flying off with its body to a nearby nest where hungry babies were waiting.


A Pee Wee has been collecting algae strands from the frog pond, feathers and various bits and pieces. It often dips them in water then appears to push them against dirt patches in the lawn as if to make them muddy. Maybe he/she is building a nest.

Lack of rain has also seen thirsty birds visit to drink and bathe. The Currawong drinks from our water garden barrel several times a day. Galahs seem to prefer hanging over the pool edge to scoop up some water then throw their heads back to swallow it down..

Every day we see something new. Squabbles at the seed dish can get very noisy. So much so, the cat runs inside in fear!

Wattle Bird